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    Rick Garson is an entertainment industry visionary with 20+ years of experience across platforms. He founded VX Entertainment to create, develop, produce and own global media properties. He lives in Beijing, China.


    A seasoned executive who has worked in film, television, sports, and music, Rick Garson is highly experienced in communicating across numerous channels. Rick Garson was one of the first industry executives to implement brand integration into TV shows. Rick Garson has headed highly original groundbreaking multimedia concepts and is particularly interested in virtual reality. Rick Garson is currently collaborating with the Ministry of Health in China on a surgical educational project for patients and physicians alike.​

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    VX Entertainment

    Est. 2016

    Based in Beijing, China, VX Entertainment utilizes the latest technology to continually upgrade the way we view entertainment. Utilizing a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, extended reality, live streaming, and more, VX Entertainment is revolutionizing the path to virtual reality environments, not only in entertainment, but in healthcare, education, luxury goods, automotive, and much more.

    ZZYX Entertainment

    Est. 2008

    ZZYX is a production company that creates and owns film and television programming. Focusing on the “four screens” that most individuals interact with – film, television, sports, and music – the company conceptualizes new methods for how we view entertainment. Utilizing the next generation of media, ZZYX Entertainment concentrates on live events and brand integration.

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