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Mixed Reality Glasses Replacing Smartphones

When smartphones first came out, they were the most revolutionary innovation to date. They completely changed how people communicate and in general how they lived. It was such an advanced piece of technology that many believed nothing could ever replace it. Now that it has become a major accessory and necessity in our lives, it’s hard to picture anyone living without one. However, smartphones may become a thing of the past. As mixed reality begins to advance and develop, It’s time to make room for Mixed Reality Glasses (MRG).

As mixed reality becomes more and more accessible, major companies are seeing the potential in this advanced technology. With these companies involved, consumers will see mixed reality becoming more incorporated in their lives. Companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Apple all have a strong foothold in mixed reality. Each company has been developing innovative products and applications related to MRG to release to the public. Soon, consumers will be experiencing the revolutionary advancements of MRG.

As mixed reality begins to advance, MRG’s have more and more potential to completely replace smartphones. MRG’s have technologically advancements that are able to take crystal clear pictures and videos with filters and effects. Not only are these smart binocular glasses extremely light, but advanced features are also being developed that allow users to play mixed reality games at a first-person view, watch movies, answer phone calls, and receive app notifications including compatibility with social media platforms. MRG technology shows no sign of slowing down.

The technology of MRG is still in the early stages. Although there is still so much to come, the technology is very promising. Designers and developers from all around the world are working to make mixed reality glasses more of a necessity and not a novelty. Instead of people looking at apps and social media on their smartphones, mixed reality glasses will make them experience the applications the way the view the world

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