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Unexpected Use Cases for Mixed Reality

When I mention mixed reality, entertainment and video games probably come to mind. This isn’t without good reason, though: these two areas are where we find the most popular uses of this technology. That being said, mixed reality, be it through virtual or augmented reality experiences, is not limited to just these two areas. As the technology develops, we see it rise in popularity among other sectors like education and business. Since this technology is still a relatively modern development, we are still learning about all of its potential applications. Sometimes there are some cases where the use of mixed reality technology is effective yet unexpected.

Crime Scene Reconstructions

According to experts from the University of Zurich, Oculus Rift VR headsets could be used to explore three-dimensional reconstructions in criminal trials as an “illustrative aid.” Recently crime scene investigators and forensic experts have been using advanced technology that captures 3D information about a crime scene. They claim that the information could be used to create a simulation of the crime scene, which would facilitate decision making better than when the information is presented as just facts on paper.

Pain Relief

Firsthand Technology, a startup based in San Francisco, uses virtual reality to relieve pain. Citing over a decade of research, the company’s website states, “virtual reality can significantly reduce pain, relieve stress, and build resilience.” Firsthand Technology has found that virtual reality is a safe, drug-free alternative to traditional methods of pain relief that involve narcotics that diminish in effectiveness over time.

Immersion Journalism

The Emblematic Group produces mixed reality experiences to transport users to virtual worlds that offer them insight into real-life social issues. This form of immersive storytelling is known as “immersion journalism” and puts viewers right in the middle of the action. The representations allow users to experience situations rather than just reading about them.


Many companies, such as BAE and Rolls Royce, are using mixed reality technology to get a feel for new constructions. The application of mixed reality in manufacturing helps to improve product build quality and reduce the number of errors and rework. Dean Brown of BAE SYSTEMS said, of the power of mixed reality, “People can literally drop in and walk around the exact area they are building.”

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